Attentive and accommodating

The mere reason of being a “Tambo” means providing lodging to our city visitors without forgetting hospitality and high quality, thus turning them in our true guests. Our priority is to provide all needs to our guests with emphasis on comfort, human warmth and trust, hoping to develop and amicable relationship without transgressing into their privacy.

ECO efficient

We feel respect for our environment is a fundamental behavior and everybody’s responsibility. Our intent is to prevent any potential damage to our ecosystem. Our facility has its own water treatment systems to reduce contamination to the environment. Our energy requirements are primarily obtained from solar panels as we want to lead green energy use within hotel and tourism. We use biodegradable and recyclable products whenever possible and reuse long term use material when deemed safe and hygienic. These and some other actions lead to reduction of contamination within our facilities, the city and ultimately the world.

Promote Culture

Acolpacha's essence, as a fully restored architectural historic structure, is to bring back part of the pre-hispanic but mostly colonial and republican life to modern times, Restoring it was an arduous job that comprised investigating and studying historical facts, planning and designing-with help of preservation architects, and finally retrofitting and renovating the soul of the building without changing its original colonial blueprints. We seek to maintain its cultural identity and share with the world and visitors the wonders that Arequipa and Peru can offer.


We seek to create a working environment for our staff and a business environment for our providers and associates in which they all could nurture their  intellectual and emotional involvement towards our history. We will support their personal growth and development and wellbeing. In reciprocal manner, we expect to receive integrity, honesty and dedication.


We acknowledge the singularity and individuality of each and all things and living beings that surround us. We would like to support the generations of interactions among all of us following ethical and moral rules with emphasis of interpersonal and environmental caring. We want to promote respect in all possible dimensions.  Respect for Mother Earth and her natural resources, respect for our culture and values and respect for freedom in the multiple ways it can be manifested. Respect for our place, Acolpacha Tambo Boutique, its facilities and offerings and last but not least, respect to our guests and friends that come to visit us.