As mention elsewhere, conservation and preservation of our city heritage, culture and resources is of utmost importance, specially water, one of the elements considered the source of life.

We have installed specialized system of sewerage disposal treatment before returning it to the city. We also employ technologies that allow using the water utilized in the laundry and showers to be utilized to flush toilettes and water our gardens.

Aguas grises

During the restoration phase, we installed a sophisticated system of solar panels that is the main source of current energy needs. In the future, it can be expanded depending on the need or redistributed back to the grid. We plan to lead with the example and promote carbon free sources of energy.

Environmental impact of pollution, global warming and indestructible waste contamination are paramount aspects of modern life. As stated before, we hope our “Mama Pacha” or Mother Earth continues to provide us with the resources that allow life to prosper in a way the we continue being comforted (“acolpachados”) and cozy in her valleys between mountain and vulcanoes, rivers and prairies. Arequipa is a wonderful valley with superb climate fighting against urban development and contamination, as many other places in the world. We believe our way is the best way to preserve its “campiña” (green valley).

Using reusable and biodegradable materials we want to provide our guest with an eco-friendly experience. We also promote adequate and thoughtful use of natural resources leading to protection of our environment. We have implemented a policy of recycling, residues separation and NO PLASTIC and derivatives use within the “Casona”. In addition, Acolpacha Tambo Boutique offer a perfect location to discover the city and beautiful surroundings, either walking or biking.

  • Many eco-friendly products available in the store inside the Casona
Vista de la terraza Acolpacha Hotel