Casona Acolpacha Rehabilitacion
Original aspect of the property. Close to another lost architecture
Acolpacha Rehabilitacion Casona Arequipa
Reconstruction of a falling down façade
Acolpacha reahabilitacion Casona Arequipa
Current view of the aspect of the property
Acolpacha Reconstruccion casona Arequipa
Original aspect of inside and main patio
Acolpacha Reconstruccion casona Arequipa
Renovations and conditioning of inside structure
Current view of the inside and main patio

Restoration was the main stone of our project. It took ore than two years of architectural, engineering and renovations efforts to secure and strengthen all structures, retrofit modern technologies, condition and retouch the interior while bringing back to life what it was a high end place in its times as it is now. We have recovered, cleaned and renovated all historical elements found, from doors to nails, from lamps to keys and from paints to books for you to enjoy and appreciate during your visit.

Acolpacha Rehabilitacion de casona Arequipa
Main vault in total ruin with water damage
Acolpacha Casona en reconstrucion Arequipa
Saving structures
Acolpacha Casona Recuperada Arequipa
Main vault within the newly created function/gathering
Acolpacha Casona Arequipa
Roofing within the second floor
Techo de casona Arequipa Acolpacha
Cleaning and strengthening of roofing structures
Acolpacha Terraza
Terrace and city sightseeing (part of the renovated second floor)