Our name

ACOLPACHA, as a word, is an Arequipenismo.

Arequipenismos are words borrowed from other languages, including Quechua, Aymara, Spanish and later from English, and used in colloquial language. With time, a specific local phonetic variation and intonation.

All this lead to a creation of a jargon exclusively used in Arequipa baptised as “Loncco Speech”.
In “Loncco speech”, Acolpachar means to “provide comfort, warmth and make someone feel cozy” or simply, to make somebone feel at home…or better.


The word originates from Quechua and Aymara languages and it was frequently used in pre-hispanic and colonial times, as follows:

  • Acolpacha’u: The person who receives comfort and coziness from someone.
  • Acolpachar: To provide comfort and coziness to someone
  • Acolpachar: To make oneself comfortable and cozy

Source: Arequipenismos. Juan Guillermo Carpio Munoz

Loncco Poem, extract: “Con Tuita Mi Alma, Mamitay”

Author: JBP/.11.05.18

¡Grashas, a vos, mamitay, por haberme acolpachau en tus entrañas, dendiantes que siapeyen, por estos lares, los tiempos; dende ese nido hecho con las ramas de tus brazos…
Por cargarme, en amorosa quepiñada, acurrucau, tanto y tantas veces…

Thanks to you dear Mom, who have
provided me comfort inside of you, even
before, my arrival to this worldly roads.
For the nest made with your arms as branches…
for holding me, in a blanket of love, snuggled
So deeply and so many times


Acolpacha refers to our Mother Earth who provides timeless comfort and coziness but, also refers to the care we shall provide to “her”, thus generating an endless loop of mutual protection, as a mother and her child.

Tambo, is a place where travelers in the Old Peru could stop to rest, eat and take provisions before continuing their journeys. It was used until the beginnings of the 20th century.

Boutique refers to a higher level of care and individualized attendance provided to our guests.

Acolpacha Tambo Boutique. Mother Earth comforting us, their children, now and throughout time through us.