Provide comfort and coziness to our guests surrounding them with an innovative experience. Living and spending time in a restored historic “casona de sillar”, providing modern comfort while respecting and valuing all natural resource provided by Mother Earth.


Becoming the first and best sustainable Tambo Boutique in Peru. Promising to preserve natural resources, rescue historical facts and architecture from Arequipa and Peru and bring back cultural aspects from pre-hispanic and colonial times. Our guests will travel back in time and rejoice old Arequipa while being as comfortable as being at home.


We are a small, family owned, private enterprise born in Arequipa.

We are natives to the area who grew up and lived in Arequipa for generations, know our history and idiosyncratic milieu and can provide you with a true local experience rather than a large scale corporate or factory like feeling but with high level of comfort.

Acolpacha Puerta Colonial Arequipa